Avidyne lowers price on the EFD1000 Pro and Pro Plus

Aspen Avionics Lowers Evolution 1000 Pro PFD and
Evolution Pro Plus PFD Prices

To celebrate the beginning of the flying and aviation trade show season, customers can save $2,000 off list pricing on the Evolution 1000 Pro PFD and $3,500 off list pricing of the Evolution 1000 Pro Plus PFD through April 30. [FONT=&amp]The Evolution Pro 1000 PFD price is reduced from $10,995 to $8,995. The Evolution 1000 Pro Plus PFD is the company’s flagship product which comes with Evolution Angle of Attack and Synthetic Vision software and is reduced from $13,995 to $10,495 – a $3,500 savings. FYI!
Bob Hart www.AvionixHelp.com[/FONT]


  • Hey all ... It's very nice of Avidyne to lower Aspen's pricing ... yes? NO! It should read "Aspen lowers price on EFD1000 Pro and Pro Plus" I jusr read another
    post and had Avidyne on the brain. Sorry. Hey Scott, can't edit the title of the post? Thanks!
  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator
    Hi Bob, I caught it too, lol. And no, I tried to edit the title, nogo!

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