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Hi All, FYI, I'll be at Sun N' Fun Friday April 13 (Friday the 13th!) and Saturday the 14th working out of the TKM Booth (Building D, Booth 004) and I'll be doing Forums on Friday at 9 AM and Saturday at 1 PM on the New MX155 Navcom, a direct, slide-in replacement for the Bendix King KX-155. Frankly, if you have a KX-155 in your airplane, you'll want to check out this new option for upgrading your 25 year old KX-155. This is a modern, full featured "digital", software driven, upgradable Navcom that operates like no Navcom you have ever seen and you can install it yourself and make a simple logbook entry. Come by and say hello and check it out? Thanks! Bob Hart


  • Follow up! Prior to my presentations at Sun N' Fun, I had time to work with the TKM MX155 and get accustomed to it's operating system. I works like no other navcom before it.
    The screen is a good quality LCD and the numbers are big and easy to see. You have two manual brightness settings but the unit also adjusts to ambient light. Changing and storing frequencies is intuitive, easy and fast. You have 20 presets on both com and nav and store by frequency and add a four digit identifier as in Lakeland (LAL) Tower @ 24.500 MHz stored as LALT-24.500 You can manual set the squelch and nav volume. The radio monitors itself for Stuck Mic (shuts of the Transmitter after 45 seconds to avoid damage), Low Transmitter Power, High Temperature and ... (never saw this before!) changes in antenna cable or antenna by monitoring impedance. Ever take your KX-155 to a shop because it wasn't putting out right to be told the radio is OK, check your antenna and cable! Well, the MX155 does that for you! This radio is "Digital" like the 430/530/480/650/750/440/640 and SL-30 and GNC-255A navcoms and is software upgradeable and processor controlled with multiple processors. It is a direct slide-in replacement for the KX-155 and KX-165 series legacy Bendix King radios. This is a different TKM under new ownership with new engineering and a higher calling than past TKM ownership. Frankly, my experience with TKM has always been positive. Their the only avionics manufacturer that includes "affordable" in their business plan! It should save you $1000-1200 vs. the only other new navcom on the market and you never have to see an avionics shop to upgrade your KX-155. Clean the tray mounted connector and You make a simple log book entry. I like it. Bob Hart
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    Hi Bob, Ken and company at TKM produce very high quality products at the best prices out there. I've been using TKM MX-170's for decades now. Reliable and easy to use. I think they're making a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to their door. Great for us and them! Do you know the list price yet?

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    Need help? Let me know!

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    Awesome, this might be our next avionics upgrade in our aircraft.
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