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Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2018 10:39 AM
Subject: More STC's Coming to the S-TEC 3100

The S-TEC 3100 Coming to Cessna Twin Series
Our certification team has been cranking through STCs for our latest digital autopilot offering, the S-TEC 3100. Right now, our development hangar is packed with the recent arrivals of a Cessna 425 and a Cessna 340A that are ready to begin their STC process.

The Cessna 310, 320, 335, 340 and 340A will be STC'd, in late July, with shipping starting in August. The STC for the Cessna 414, 421 and 425 is expected in late August and shipping to begin in September.

Other model timeframes
June approval, shipping in July
• Piper PA-32 Series
August approval, shipping in September
• Piper PA-46 Series
September approval, shipping in October
• Cessna P210N, P210R & 210 A through J

Don't see your airframe listed? Let us know, complete the S-TEC 3100 interest form!

Submit a PO by the end of June and receive a special extended warranty. The factory warranty will cover all new parts for 3 years! Additionally, we'll extend a 2 year warranty on currently installed S-TEC servos, regardless of age or condition (a value in the thousands of dollars). This means your 20 year old 55X servos that were installed in 1998 are now covered under a new 2 year warranty.

For more information on the S-TEC 3100,

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