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I know this isnt exciting, but while doing the annual, (and me helping to get to know the plane) the mechanic had me run the engine while the brake on and me inside to cut the power if the brakes didnt hold. Any way, we had the cowl off and he told me to put the carb heat on, which I did. The carb had frozen over while it was under pretty high power. I was really surpised it could ice over in 95 degree weather (Georgia heat) and under power like that. SO, while it's not as cool as a new Garmin magic box, I'm thinking it might be a good idea to get a carb temp guage since the old tale that it can't freeze over if you are in the green apparently is not so. I really want one that reads in Fahrenheit. Any opinions? Here's one I found on AC Spruce.


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    EI makes excellent devices and I've had many of them over the years. A carb heat temp gauge is a nice addition to your panel if you think you need it. Otherwise, just remember that your carb will drop the outside temp about 60 degrees F. This means that any day it's humid out and over 90degrees F you'll have a problem. 90 degrees F minus 60 is right at the freezing point. Good luck!

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