Radios for Cessna 150J N60546


Purchased my neglected (sat on a ramp in Virginia over 4 years) Cessna 150 trainer last year. First flew her at 15 in 1974 and wanted to save her. She wasn't in bad shape. Got her an annual, new glass, minor repair work, replaced tachometer, vacuum pump, magnetos and DG in addition to purchasing Stratus ADS-B compliant transponder.

She flies great but the radios are shot. Though I was able to get into GSO Class C to meet the requirement for the ADS-B rebate for a touch-and-go radio problems caused ATC to ask me to leave their airspace.

Can anyone suggest an affordable option to replace the Terra 760D and old KX 1758 coffee grinder navcom radios for a Cessna 150?

I am still a novice on aircraft ownership and have an awful lot to learn! Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator

    I have a used and in good shape KX-175 TSO'd 760 channel NavCom that I pulled out of my plane last year if you're interested. It's gathering dust and it will probably just slide ride into your KX-175 slot on your panel. A used Garmin 430W is coming down in price thanks to the new Garmin 175/375 just announced. The Stratus transponder your just purchased is a good unit, congrats. Put a few pics of your bird on the forum when you get a chance. We'd love to see your progress!

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