66 182J Hot cylinder

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I have a 182J with an 0-470 that I just put an engine monitor into recently and have found out that my #2 CHT and EGT runs much hotter than all of the rest of them. The CHT on #2 in cruise is running at 400 with the cowl flaps halfway open, while the rest of the cylinders are down in the low to mid 300's. Have checked for air leaks figuring it is a lean issue and haven't been able to find any. Have also reworked some baffling to close up as many gaps as possible. The CHT/EGT normalizes with the rest of the cylinders if you run with the carb heat on. All of this is happening at full rich without leaning at all. Have talked to a few mechanics that tell me that it could be a couple of different issues, but was just looking for another opinion. Thanks for any help or suggestions that you can provide.


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    Sounds like a lean fuel issue...Time to take it in and have a trusted A&P look at it.

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    Need help? Let me know!

  • I am having the same issue on a O470 so am interested to see what “country88” finds out.
  • My #2 runs at about 380, while all the others are down around 350-370 range. Isn't #2 back closest to the firewall, and thus susceptible to less air flow than the other jugs? I'm thinking it maybe an air diverter (between the cylinders) issue, but just guessing.

  • Have you had any resolution to this issue? Thanks.
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