Installing new style seating / interior in a legacy aircraft

I've been shopping for a new interior for my 182Q. Recently I noticed a complete interior set (seats, seat belts, carpeting, head liner, door skins and all other interior trims parts) for sale on ebay from a new model 182 for a pretty reasonable price.
It got me thinking, what would it take (would it even be possible) to install a new style 182 interior in my 1977 182Q?. The first challenge would probably be the seats. New models use a larger seat rail. Is there, or could there be an STC to make the rail change? Will the door panels, carpet and trim parts fit, or could they be modified to fit? I would think changing to new style seats and rails, plus a more modern restraint system would be a big safety improvement in a legacy aircraft.
I know this is a long shot, but I thought this would be a good place to bring the thought up!


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    Hi and thanks for writing. Let's start with the upholstery. First, I doubt the headliner and carpet would fit. But you can get exactly what you need from Airtex. Now the wall panels: They might require some trimming but they might work. Seat belts, probably not, but you can check the FAA STC's on their website and see if there is one. The better solution is to go get an upholstery kit from Airtex. I just ordered one and that will be my fourth Airtex upholstery kit over the decades. So here's the list of vendors you need for a new interior (and this is what I'm currently doing again). upholstery kits seat belts: new and overhaul Interior plastic parts windows

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