Replace T yoke with Y yoke on early 150s

I have a 1959 Cessna 150 with a T bar yoke. The radio and transponder are in the lower left corner of the instrument panel. With my new ADS-B package it is hard to view at time. Also changing channels is is a issue.
I would like to change to a Y bar yoke and move the radio to the upper center of the instrument panel. I realize this will require a different panel and other changes.
My question is is this legal and if so what is required. Has anyone else ever done it? Is it an approved STP? I expect a 337 and AI approval? New instuments and who knows what else. Are there other issues?
I have discussd this with A&Ps, AI and others. No one seems to know the andwer.
Any info or ideas from anyone would be of great help.
Thank You Dave


  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator

    Hi, you need to talk to a shop that's good at things like this. I would recommend JA Aero in Aurora, IL west of Chicago. Talk to them on the phone. Take your time on this and do it right! Then you'll be happy forever! And most importantly, post pics before and after on this forum, lol. :)

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