“Split fairings”

Another item, from my Corona/Cessna makeover....

From a great company, Knots2U. Easy to install, obviously due to the “split”. Spruces up your bird.


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    Thanks Kent, Knots2U is great. I go there at least once a month. :)

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  • Looks good. Do they have the same footprint as OEM? I ask because my AC has been repainted without removal of the fairings and I’m wondering if the old paint will show.
  • Mine came without predrilled attachment “holes” for the screws. But yes, same footprint. Only caveat, they may align slightly differently due to split.

  • Glad to see they look good, I ordered a set a couple weeks ago for my Skylane.

  • I utilized white silicone on bottom fairings in any “gaps” to prevent water infiltration as best possible.

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    I am installing these same fairings on my 1964 182 right now. The slots in the fairings for the wing are off for the retractable tie down. I had to use a dremel tool to lengthen the slot. Also, none of the fairings fit exactly as my original fairings and the factory must have painted my 1964 with them on. Yes, I have the original paint. Always been hangared in WA state. There are areas with no paint around all four of the new fairings.

  • I also utilized a Dremel tooth for the tie downs. I was fortunate, my fairings alligned without painting.

  • Is the benefit purely the appearance or is there any noted decrease in interference drag and, therefore, an increase in cruise speed?
    I know it would be pretty small but was just wondering.

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