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I have an IO-470-F Peterson conversion on my C-182P. It was overhauled by G&N when it had about 1670 hours. It now has 2200 hours since that overhaul for a total of about 3900 hours. I have decided to overhaul it and need advice. The choices I have now are get a factory rebuilt engine from Air Power for $38,500. If I understand this correctly it will be a zero time engine with a new log book.

I can have the engine overhauled by America's Aircraft Engines or Power Masters, both local companies. I have prices from America's: $32,600 with OEM factory new cylinders, $31,400 with CGM Titan or Superior cylinders or $29,650 with remanufactured cylinders. I don't have Power Master's quote yet. I'm open to other overhaul options. I have been given very good references for America's Aircraft Engines. They will give a small credit for the fact I have new mags and a new ignition harness. Also, I will save on shipping since both of these companies are local.

I use the plane regularly. About 120 hours per year. However, it generally sits idle for one to three months, twice a year while we travel by RV. Should I specify some cylinder coating? I believe the latest technology is Nickel sulfur carbide and there are others. I know little about this issue. I am aware of chrome plating but have seen references to Nikasil, Nic3, Cerminil and several others.

Of course if I had my druthers I'd due the Peterson upgrade to the IO-550 but that's another $30-40k.

Any advice?


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    Hopefully a member will chime in with his/her experiences. I have personally used Air Power with great success and recommend them.

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  • Anxious to hear responses...I am at 1700 hours on my IO-470. Thanks for the options presented as informatino.

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