EASA Minor Change engineering Instrument Panel Cessna 182/210 for Garmin G3X touch

Hello everybody,

I am currently having my Cessna 210 L equipped with a Garmin G3X touch.
In order for the display to fit, the upper mounting points of the instrument panel must be changed.
Of course, this should also be done correctly on paper. For EASA-approved aircraft a minor change according to EASA Part 21J must be made by a design organization. The costs for this are about 4000 EUR. The work for the change is relatively small.
I am looking for interested parties who want to order the Minor Change together with me. Then these costs can be split between several parties.
This change is necessary for Cessnas 210 including T210 and P210 and 182/182RG.
Of course you can buy this Minor Change now and install the display later.
So if you are interested, please contact me via private mail.


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    Thanks for the update!

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