Current Garmin Promotion worth a Look!

FYI ... Garmin currently is offering a pretty good deal on the purchase of the GPS 175 or the GNC 355 (with Com) with a New GI-106B CDI included. The GPS 175 with GI-106B package is $5,695. The GNC 355 with GI-106B package is $7.695. Both packages save you about $1000. Your getting the GI-106B for about $1600. This promotion is good until the end of the year. Frankly, the GI-106B is a top-notch CDI with rectilinear movement (needles move perpendicular vs. the windshield wiper movement on the popular King KI-209 and 209A). The GI-106B is an ARINC style CDI and replaced the GI-106A. GI-106A's on the used market run about $1600. Also, if you are not aware, the GPS 175 and the GNC 355 are over the counter items from Garmin. You can buy these from an Aircraft Spruce or your favorite online store and have your local (non-Garmin) shop install it! That's also a plus!


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