Narco 810

My #2 com radio is a Narco 810. Getting some minor feedback during transmissions. Not holding frequencies at the shut down. Had a recent panel upgrade. They confirmed good power including the hot wire to the radio. They believe the radio is slowly dying. Starting to look for a replacement. Hoping to avoid the cost of a new Mounting tray etc. looking at used replacement radio versus TKM. Does anyone have any experience with the TKM? Thanks


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    I have have many TKM radios over the decades, including a new purchase about 3 years ago. They are new, reliable, supported by the manufacturer and about half the cost of a new Garmin navcom. I recommend them highly!

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  • Hi paburke, I hope you know that the TKM MX-11 is not a slide in replacement for the Narco Com-810. Bennett Avionics is showing a COM-810 (03114-0309 part #) at $695 exchange (for your bad one). Pull yours out and check the part number. Narco made a few different models of these.

  • Thanks! I will contact Bennett. Will pull mine during annual in early December.

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