175 Panel Update

Finally finished a panel update to our 1961 175b. Lot of work but well worth it.


  • What did you change? LOL. LOOKS FANTASTIC...the “dream panel”. Enjoy

  • I installed the TruTrak in my 182A. How do you like it?

  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator

    Wow, what an incredible improvement! Awesome! You'll love flying again :)

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  • @Kentwkalb said:
    I installed the TruTrak in my 182A. How do you like it?

    Works great! Very smooth, GPSS leads the turns, and the NAV tracking is spot on along with vertical profile. Makes flying RNAV approaches easy. You can select to control heading, altitude, and Baro from the G5's. The Aircraft Protection Envelope works great, along with Emergency Level.

    Only downside is not able to track an ILS. But found an easy work around. Load the ILS approach in the GPS and let the autopilot fly the Final Approach Course, and then use Vertical Speed to keep on the Glide Slope.

  • Good to hear. Love the usefulness of an autopilot.

  • Wowzie! That looks awesome; welcome to modern navigation. Did that change your W&B much? My next door hangar neighbor upgraded his panel a lot less than that, and picked up 43 pounds of useful load! His is a TriPacer - a very rare metallized one. Most of his weight was picked up by removing a non-functional, no parts available 1958 'autopilot'.

  • We lost 42 lbs. Now have almost 1100 lb useful load.

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