Watch out for Advanced Aircraft Service at MYF

I took my T210N to Advanced Aircraft Service at MYF at the end of August, 2020, for an annual inspection. 10 days later, after the "inspection" portion of the annual had been completed, I was presented with an estimate of $26,178.60, including compliance with two AD's, which I authorized. Over four months later the airplane was finished and I was presented with a final invoice of $41,808.89. I never authorized $15,630.29 of additional work, or exceeding the estimate by 60%. I was required to pay the full $41,808.89 to obtain the release of the airplane and its logbooks. Advanced Aircraft Service has very unethical and unfair business practices. Watch out!


  • JgoaviationJgoaviation Flight Captain

    Holy cow! That's quite the price difference. Were you provided with an itemized list of work performed and hours of labor for each task?

  • I was provided with an itemized estimate for $26,000, which I approved, and an itemized invoice for $42,000, which contained an additional $16,000 of work which I did not approve. In some instances, I was charged for four times the labor that had been estimated.

  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator

    Time for an attorney, methinks. Sorry for the horrible experience. :(

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