172A weight and balance form

Hello, I am restoring a 1960 172A and I would like to update the current weight and balance form. Being an early model, I can’t use any that I’ve found online so far.

Any ideas of where to look/start?



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    Have you had your shop weigh your plane? You'll may need to start there.

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  • Yep, that’s all done. And part of the issue is that they took the easy way out and struck out the old numbers and replaced them with the current ones. My IA (different person) said that the practice may have gotten the job done, but it’s not exactly “kosher”. Thanks for the response and any help you can provide.

  • Maybe I can help, I have a 172A. However, it had a STOL kit installed in 1991. Lucky for you, there is another 172A at our airport, without the STOL kit. Maybe between the two of us, we can come up with something that will help.

    Even my current mechanic only recalculates W&B based on, for example, the weight of the generator and its moment arm, adding in the weight of the new alternator, using the same datum distances. For a small charge, he will pull out the scales, drain the tanks, and produce a real life W&B. I have probably a dozen or more of the easy way numbers, but do you want those? I'm assuming you want something resembling an original, factory W&B?

    I have gone through a very large pile of documentation, dating back through 5 owners to September,1959. That oldest one is a copy of a copy (remember Xerox) and was handwritten on a small page, that says Cessna Aircraft Company on top. It looks like the original W&B with a Cessna Aircraft stamp on it with the correct tail number and serial number. (My 1960 POH doesn't have this page in it; it may not be the original POH for this aircraft. It does have a small 1 page section on weight and balance, but not this chart). Those oldest 'copies' are so faded that I can barely make out details. I'm not sure that I could scan them and you could read them. Just maybe, I could recreate them in a spreadsheet format.

    So, if you want something like the original, you might want to contact Cessna. I'm not even certain they would still have this, but it would be worth a few phone calls. You would have to be very patient with them though!
    I'll ask the other owner if he has an original W&B, but we have learned that those first -A models were not 100% identical.

  • If you contact Cessna with your serial number - they can send you a copy of the original. It won't be current, of course, but it will give you some interesting info like original equipment installed.

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