Air leak around the door handles

I just purchased a T210N and made a 2 hr flight at FL140 to find I have a slight air leak on both doors by the handles. On the outside the handles face forward and it appears to me just scopes the air up and forces it through the shaft into the cabin. It was only 5 degrees so it was very noticeable. Anyone have any ideas or experience plugging the leaks?


  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator

    Can you pack some foam rubber or fiberglass insulation in there?

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  • I haven’t opened up the door yet, hoping someone already had the problem and solution

  • I have had the doors opened up on both my former 172 and 182. The “old” insulation is usually fiberglass/looks like cotton candy. I replaced with foam…around the handles it is thought to get a good seal and still allow proper movement/function. Good luck

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