Garmin GSA28 servo failures and Garmin TSB to address 2,000 serial numbers installed

PaulxpPaulxp Cessna 182k

There are a series of about 2,000 faulty GSA 28 Garmin servo serial numbers that have been identified in a Garmin Service Bulletin that is only available to dealers. The numbered servos can fail in flight or on the ground. If one servo in the plane fails all may be replaced by Garmin. Contact me for further details.


  • I had a servo failure. It was the elevator servo. I have a GFC500 autopilot. Garmin gave me a new servo, but I also added a trim servo; something I suspect the previous owner should have done.

  • Hi PaulXp Can you provide the infomration... I have just done a complete upgrade here is OZ, GFC500, servos and trim etc. Will pass this onto our installer ASAP to check Gary

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