ICARUS SAM GPSS Display Fading Away

mike.griffinmike.griffin Mike Griffin

I have an R182 with the old 300A autopilot installed. In 2010 I had a new center stack installed - PMA 8000B, 530W, SL30 with 2 new Garmin CDI/GS indicators with the ICARUS SAM GPSS unit to tie into the 300A autopilot. My 300A works adequately for heading, course and nav tracking with the SAM unit. I do really like the unit as it also is an altitude alerter and gear audio warnings. However, after 10+ years the SAM display is beginning to fade (vertical lines) and difficult to read. My avionics shop could not answer if a replacement (hopefully simple) is available. Anyone familiar with this unit and whether or not a replacement display can be had reasonable cost?



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    Hmmm. My Aspen has one built in. Genesys autopilot people have the ST-901 converter. Let's see if Bob Hart, our avionics guru has an answer.

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  • The Icarus SAM unit is not something you would take to a local avionics shop for repair. The factory only would be able to repair it but ... I just spent 15 minutes trying to find them. I don't know if they are still in business. Mike, I'll let you keep looking for them. They would be your only solution other than finding a used one. Elliot Aviation has one (as removed) for $750 advertised https://www.elliottaviation.com/ Make an offer on it and confirm it is guaranteed to be working and the display is good! Legally, it's supposed to be tagged (just saying).

  • mike.griffinmike.griffin Mike Griffin

    Thanks Bob. I'll give that a try. By the way, I enjoy reading your articles on avionics.

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