Digital Autopilot STC for FR172J


I own a 1973 Cessna Reims Rocket sn.400 with type number FR172J. It is registered in The Netherlands under EASA ruling.
At the moment I am updating my avionics and cannot find a digital autopilot STC. I wanted to buy a Garmin GFC500 but there is no STC for my type number. Trio has a nice AP but also no STC for my type number.
I know that this Cessna is built in France and probably none are flying in the US of A.
But you never know if someone knows about an AP that has a FAA STC or better a EASA STC.

Thanks for any help.
Hans van de Ven


  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator

    Thanks for writing Hans, I will get your message to our avionics guy Bob Hart

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  • Hi Hans, Garmin does not have an EASA approved list posted anywhere. I searched and found the EASA STC for the GFC 500 but it only refers the Garmin's FAA approved model list so essentially, what EASA has done is "rubber stamped" Garmin's AML list. There is no mention of the FR Cessna version. Cessna apparently bought the rights to the Reims version in 2006 when Reims was sold off. So the FR172E is essentially a Cessna in the eyes of the FAA (I think). Sorry I could not help more. Try Garmin?

  • Hi Bob, sorry for my late reply. I just saw your answer.
    Mij A&P has contacted Garmin. They say that a STC for the FR172J will not be made. So that is a dead end unfortunately. That is a real pity because the 172 Reims Rocket (FR172J) is the most powerfull 172 ever made with a 6 cylinder fuel injected Continental IO360 rated at 210HP and of course a constant speed propeller. Great performance cruising and therefore an AP would be nice. The original Cessna 400 AP was already removed when I bought this aircraft in 2009. At that time I had no interest in a AP. My hopes are on Trio: See

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