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creating a thread for people who have questions or comments about the new Scott Sellers podcast.

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    Thanks Rocky! :)

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  • Trying to find this podcast on my iPhone so I can download it then listen when I don’t have cell service. Any help would be appreciated
  • Thank you for the info and insights to using an owner/operator plane to travel with. Got some good ideas and things to think about prior to 'just pack and go'.

  • Thank You Scott and Mark! I really liked the part about Destination Knowledge - that could be a topic for the Forum, I'd bet. I have an adult son just finishing his ASEL instruction in my 172A, and I think I'll send him a link. We're just recreational pilots. We talked our wives into the fold with stories of flying vacations. So far, my wife is now my chief navigator; when I reach for my flight bag, she asks, "Where are you taking me this time?" We can't wait for the official announcement of the COO Gathering this year. I keep current and proficient. Next month is annual, and I'm going to ask for an owner-assisted inspection this year.

  • I’m enjoying the listen - it’s fun as I attended the same Cessna maintenance class with Scott in Tulsa last year. The comment on fresh paint is so true - Paul New was a boss at identifying the little things on what was presumably a “clean” airframe. Totally changed my preflights. Thanks for the podcast and would love to listen on my iPhone podcast player.

  • regarding how to listen by downloading to your phone -- we didn't get this podcast to iTunes yet (nor did Scott Sellers). at some point, when there are enough episodes to make it worthwhile, we'll do that. for now, you have to use our website and play it off the internet.

    Digital Product Manager
    Cessna Owner Organization

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