Good time to buy and Engine Analyzer!

Hi all, If you follow my Avionics Articles, you know that I believe that any aircraft that spends time in the clouds should have "enhanced" engine monitoring capability. The harder the IFR, the greater the need. I did an extensive 2-part series on the subject back in June/July 2014 (wow ... it's amazing how fast time goes by!). My general advice about buying an engine analyzer or management system has been to wait for Oshkosh or Sun N' Fun because that's when the big three manufacturers offer rebates. Now, may be a very good time if you're in the market! Electronic International just announced the largest rebates they have ever offered are available now through the end of the year.. I know the EI folks very well. These are good people making good products with some of the best customer support in the industry. Check out my articles (available in the archives) if you need some advice, then check out EI. ( If your thinking about a Christmas present for yourself, an EI just might be the answer! Happy Holidays! Bob Hart
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