ADS-B "Bridge" Rebates

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My apologies for this late information! I'm working on an updated article on ADS-B which won't be in the magazines until November. I was aware that many ADS-B manufacturers are offering rebates on their ADS-B equipment but I finally read the fine print and discovered that some of these "bridge" rebates, as they are being called have an expiration date of September 30, 2016 and you must act in the next 4 weeks to benefit if you want to "double" your ADS-B rebate by combining the FAA's and a manufacturers rebate. The FAA's Rebate program ($500 for approved ADS-B Out installations) is expected to start at the end of September. This rebate program allows you to buy the equipment and schedule the installation for a future date now but you must actually install the equipment during the FAA's one year Program dates. Note you "apply" for FAA's rebate and get a "slot" guaranteeing you the rebate prior to installation. Here's a link that will help simplify the FAA program: Freeflight Systems, and Avidyne are offering temporary or bridge rebates at this time with ending dates of Sept 30! NavWorX has a temporary price reduction but no firm ending date mentioned. Garmin has ADS-B "related" rebates in play now and L3 is currently offering promo pricing on their Lynx ADS-B products. If you're ready and "able" to take advantage of these savings ... I think you should! Thanks! Bob Hart


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    Thanks Bob, good information.
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