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Chief409Chief409 Jeff Pelton Airframe Mech
I have a Garmin AOA in my C150. After 23 years in Naval Aviation, lots of loud music, my high frequency hearing loss makes it hard to hear the stall warning wearing a DC headset, and radio traffic. So the AOA is a visual backup. Chose the Garmin AOA because the indicator can be mounted on the glareshield in the left corner. And resembles the AOA indicators in Naval Aircraft, which works well for pilots getting back on a carrier deck. Keeps it in sight without going "heads down" looking at the panel on final.

Any thoughts?


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    Hi and thanks for writing. I suddenly wish I had an AOA in my plane. I'm going to have to research it and see if I can get one. You wouldn't perchance have a video of you flying with it? If yes, can you post it to the forums? Thanks again for writing.

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  • Chief409Chief409 Jeff Pelton Airframe Mech
    Installed as part of the stay in the Avionics Shop. As soon as I replace the fuel shut off valve, I have to do a new W&B. What is in the logs is not useable. Then the Avionics Shop can sign off on their work. First flight will be the inflight calibration that's required. The Garmin STC covers about every GA aircraft except the high performance AC that can do more then 220 kts as I recall.

    I'll dust off my GoPro, haven't used it in quite some time.
  • I'm strongly considering one as well. I've looked at a few at aircraft spruce online. I'd be interested in your experience with yours.
  • Hi WB, I did an "in depth" article on AOA called "Working the Angles" in the July 2016 issue. I don't see it available in Avionics Articles here on the site. Perhaps Scott can make it available to you. If not, contact me through my Website and I can send you the copy? Bob Hart
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