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JackLPJackLP Pilot ,A&P , IA
I am in the process of planning a dual Garmin G5 Installation on our C172 N model .Im looking for input from anyone that may be familiar with installation locations for the GMU the GAD and a GPS antenna . I’m also looking for suggestions on modifying or replacing the plastic overlay. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jack


  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator
    Hi Jack,
    Congrats on the dual G5 installation. I'm really envious! As for the GAD installation, you're the first of our members to get this done so it would be most helpful if you would let us know where you install them. Sorry I can't be more help! Hopefully a member will chime in and lend a few words. As for the GPS antenna, obviously on the top of the aircraft as close (keep the coax short) as possible. As for the plastic overlay, here's a link to get a replacement. http://www.planeplastics.com/airplanes/cessna-single/172175/page9/

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    Need help? Let me know!

  • JackLPJackLP Pilot ,A&P , IA
    Thanks Scott, Maybe someone will have some input . I will post the info once we get it all together ,and thanks for the link on the overlay.
    Thanks again ,Jack
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