Dynon D3

Any users/experience with this device?


  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator

    Two years ago I flew up to Oshkosh and visited with the EAA folks up there. They gave me their 172 with a Dynon panel, freshly STC'd, and I flew it for a couple of hours. Very nice avionics and I wouldn't mind having Dynon in my panel. Great company and at $879 versus Garmin G5 or Aspen E5 it's a heck of a deal. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

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  • Will do. Looking at a G5 for my certified unit, and the D3 as my non-certified unit/back up. Have ordered the Dynon to try it out. Has a different set up than iPads GPS

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