A185F flaps

It appears the flaps on my A185F arent retracting fully. When fully retracted, the trailing edge of the flaps are drooping down 1/2 " from the fuselage fairing, and with the ailerons rigged even with the flaps, it makes the ailerons droop down about an inch from the trailing edge of the tip. Investigating why, I noticed that the flap rollers on the left wing bottom out on the tracks and thats what prevents them from retracting all the way up. The right flaps has plenty of travel available and when we disconnected the right flap push rod, the flap will retract to where it lines up with the fuselage fairing.
Is there anyway to adjust the left flap track and roller to get it more travel?


  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator
    Hi Mike, thanks for writing. Flight control issues are serious and repairing or adjusting them should only be done by an A&P. Please see your mechanic, he'll know what do to. When he's done, let us know what he did to fix it. Safe flying.

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