Cessna 182RG Future Outlook?

I purchased my first plane close to a year ago….a 1980 Cessna 182RG. I chose that model because I trained in a Cessna, like flying a Cessna but I wanted a little more speed than the straight leg 182. With only about 200 hours to go before engine overhaul time, I’ve been checking into my engine options. I’d like to get away from the dual mag issue and ideally I’d like fuel injection. But, as I’ve been doing some research, I’m finding that there doesn’t seem to be many options out there for anything other than just getting an overhaul of the exact same engine setup..i.e. o-540 engine, modified to fit the 182RG. The more I’ve talked with others the more I’ve learned about how different that engine is and how Cessna needed an engine that was modified to fit in the RG so the nose wheel could retract. Apparently that engine has a specially designed oil pan as well as a side mounted carburetor. That coupled with the fact that Cessna really didn’t manufacture that many RGs during the years they were made, has made me wonder about the future of this plane and if I’ll be finding parts for the plane, specifically engine related, more and more difficult to get and expensive. I’m really curious to know if others are finding this same thing out. And, I’m also curious to know what others have decided regarding their engine…..overhaul what it came with or did you find another solution with fuel injection and/or more HP. I love flying the 182RG and the speed is good. I wanted a plane capable of 150 knots plus and this one fits that bill. Thank you for any information that you can share with me.


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    Hi and thanks for writing. Considering that this is your first airplane purchase you are amazingly astute at getting to the core issue of aircraft ownership. Let me help you out and hopefully other members will add their 2 cents, as well. Having owned seven high-performance, complex aircraft, single and multi, I have some experience to share. First and foremost, your comment about the future of the airplane is right on the money. If you can't get parts easily, you're in trouble. You need to think about this and make a decision while there are parts out there. While the 182RG is an awesome airplane, parts availability is the number 1 concern. As for engine, I recommend AirMark Overhaul in Florida. I've overhauled two engines with them and they are awesome people. I'm sure that there are other fine overhaul companies, as well. I would be careful about modifying an engine or replacing one engine with a different model. There are a couple of issues. 1. What happens to your resale value with engine modifications or non-standard models? It could leave you with an unsellable airplane at worst and an extremely discounted airplane at best. 2. Support in the future. When you want to sell, do you have to put the plane back to factory standard? That could be very expensive or even impossible. My advice to you is this: Keep the engine factory standard. If you want to customize, change the paint, interior upholstery or avionics/panel. Leave the engine alone. If you can't live with the engine configuration, sell/trade the airplane for one that better suits your desires. Good luck!

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  • Thank you, Scott! All very good advise.
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