Britain Industries Closes Shop


To all our product owners, customers, suppliers and friends;
It has been a long road these last few months made slightly easier by all of the kind condolences we have received, thank you. However, we have been unable to find new ownership for the design data of the Brittain systems and thus have secured the intellectual properties, along with some test equipment and select inventory items off site and are hopeful a path forward can still be found.
Effective April 9, 2018 our facilities in Tulsa will be closed permenantly. Our telephone has been transfered to a mobile unit so we may stay in touch with you and our email and website accounts will also remain active.
We am unable to supply parts or offer repairs but will continue to update our website with news and information about the company in the coming months and continue to assist with technical quesitons, publications and advice so feel free to contact us but please be patient if we do not respond immediately.
Anyone with interest in purchasing the IP is welcome to contact Cecilia Henderson for information via phone or email.
Thank you once again to our product owners for their support and "fandom" of our products. We will work deligently to find a means to continue service of the Brittain line on your behalf.

The Walters Family

Voice: (918)836-7701

Scott Sherer
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