Current, Paid Members of the Cessna Owner Organization -- How to sign in for the first time

If you know you are a current Cessna Owner Organization member ...

**Step 1 Find Your Customer / Account Number
In some places it's called Customer Number and in others it's Account Number, but it's the same thing. It's on your mailing label.

**Step 2 Click Here and Enter Your Customer/Account Number

**Step 3 Click the verification link in the email you'll get sent **
Sometimes you may need to check your spam or junk folder. The email will come from webmaster (AT) jonespublishing (dot) com. If you can't find that email, or you receive an error, please contact Samantha here.

**Step 4 Create your new Username and Password
You may use the Username from the previous Forum, or you can change it. We do not recommend using an email address as your Username. Your previous account will be merged with your new account regardless of what new Username you choose.

**Step 5 Log In To The New Forum
You will be given a link to log back in, or you can simply come back to and click on Sign In in the top right.

Digital Product Manager
Cessna Owner Organization

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