Timeless Cessna 172

With enough TLC (and $$$), my venerable 172N-1978 model-trudges on with grace and comfort, if not speed. I love its handling and how it makes me look good on virtually every landing. How can one go wrong with such reliability and just plane good looks? ---JIM STARK


  • love that picture ... thank you.

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  • AZJIMAZJIM Commercial

    Might be appropriate to tell everyone how nice this plane is to fly. It's one of the most stable & comfortable flying machines I have ever had the pleasure of piloting. The panel is nearly original with a full IFR Garmin 430W and ADS-B. The 180HP engine, STOL kit and vortex generators make it almost impossible to stall, not to mention being a great safety feature, especially flying in the mountains. Flint tanks keep it in the air way beyond bladder limits.

  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator

    Great photo and your love of this plane shows in your comments. I feel the same way! By the way, TLC means "Transporting Lots-of Cash" I think :)

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  • Kudo's to the photographer on your air to air shot, that's fantastic!

  • (I know for reasons you'll learn soon enough ... photo by Mike Buben of Aerovision Arizona)

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  • Great looking plane

    Gary Van Dyke

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