Continental O200-A

Does anyone know how much a Continental O 200-A aircraft engine weighs? I am considering shipping mine to Heart of the West rebuilders in Wyoming and need to figure how much shipping will cost me. Also, is anyone familiar with Heart of the West and can advise me whether they are a reliable shop for overhauls. The y have a nice package price that sounds reasonable. More so than the shops I am aware of here in Calif.
Thanks for any advice and help.
Billy Forbess


  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator
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    I am not familiar with Heart of the West. I have used Poplar Grove in Illinois, AirPower (not sure where) and Airmark in Florida. All are very good. The O200 weighs about 190 pounds without accessories.

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  • Thanks for the info Scott.

  • I like Western Skyways in Montrose, CO.
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