Door latch jammed open

The copilot door latch on my 2001 Cessna T182T is jammed in the full open position. The locking pin is sticking out so the door cant close. The inside handle is in the full open position and so is the outside latch handle, sticking out in full open. I discovered this after my passenger opened the door and exited. Nothing will budge! Fully jammed and inmovable. Help, any suggestions?


  • I solved it. Y’all probably know. I tapped the metal button that is by the bar that inserts into the frame and locks the door shut, while jiggling the inside handle. Oila! Freed up and works normal once again. I’m curious about why it jammed and the role of the button.

  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator

    Do you need to lube it so it doesn't happen again? I'm thinking that it happened once, it will happen again. Keep looking for the cause...

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