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Aspen Avionics' Latest ADS-B Software Upgrade Now Certified

Adds more ADS-B features to include textual METARS information capability on multi-function display
Albuquerque, NM, October 6, 2016: Aspen Avionics announced today that FAA certification has been received for its latest software upgrade to include several additional ADS-B display features on its Evolution 500/1000 multi-function display (MFD). The latest software upgrade includes textual METARS information to be displayed on the MFD which provides an intuitive display of subscription-free weather data in an easy-to-read format.
The expanded ADS-B IN display capability includes the following information on its Evolution MFD:
  • Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs)
  • Airman's meteorological information (AIRMETS)
  • Significant meteorological information (SIGMETS)
  • Convective SIGMETS
  • Winds Aloft
  • Temps Aloft
  • Terminal aerodrome forecast (TAF)
All Aspen, and Aspen-compatible ADS-B products are capable of displaying the additional flight information on the MFD. To date, Aspen has partnered with L-3 Avionics Products, FreeFlight Systems and Garmin to ensure customers with Aspen cockpits have a choice in selecting how to become compliant without having to upgrade their entire panel and receive the most comprehensive data available.
Image download: Textual METARS

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