Position Light Flasher Units and LED Lights

Looking to see if anyone has ever modified a Scintillonics Inc model # 261 Position Light Flasher Unit, Cessna part number 0713511-1, to work with LED lights?

I have a 1961 175b. Replaced all the lighting to LED. Now the position lights will not flash. Don't hardly ever use this feature, but, the aircraft originally came with this installed and I would like to keep all original functionality. We have tried adding a resistor to the wiring but that caused other issues with getting too hot.

And yes, we did put the incandescent lights back on to test the unit and it will flash.

Is there a replacement unit designed to work with LED? Anyone know of a way to modify the unit with new internal flasher? I have found some new flasher relays that are designed for older cars converting to LED. But these units flash at 90 times per minute. The flasher units for aircraft are closer to 20 - 30 times a minute.

Any help would be appreciated.


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