Infinitely Articulating Seat

I’m looking to replace my 1965 Cessna 182 seats with seats that are more adjustable than my current ones which entail two positions: fully-vertical-instrument-panel-in-your-face or lean-way-back-in-my-low rider. I’ve heard that 206’s or 210’s have the fully articulating seats that can be used in older 182’s. My question is which Cessna aircraft have these seats, what year models and are there any others besides in 206’s and 210’s that have them? Thanks!


  • In process doing it now. I bought a pair of P210 seats and my mechanic filled 337 with local FSDO. just waiting to hear back. Rails are the same, will just have to drill holes in the right rail. The infinitely adjustable seats have locking pins on both rails

  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator

    Oh, nice! Good luck and let us know when it goes through. Thanks for sharing this.

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