Old question, Im sure... Paint Shop Recomends...?

Based in SE Fla. wanting to do a complete strip & paint. Trying to stay in Fla, but not mandantory.
I did interview Hawk, First Class & Ace. The first 2 are way to "high n mighty" for me. $ are not my 1st concern, as is clean shop, great prep work... Both of thr first 2 would not come in on a Saturday to discuss / meet. Spending 15-18 K is not the concern, their stuck up " We are the Best" is... Ace owner is a great communicator & has the experience.
Any more suggestions??? I know that is an involved process to strip n paint & it's not a simple procedure... So..?


  • Try Okeechobee Painting Center? They advertise jets but I have seen some beautiful paint work on singles when I go there for breakfast

  • I spoke with a few people who have had work done there.
    Poor prep work led to beautiful paint coroding off in 2 years or less....
    No go....
  • I can recommend Bill Lucey, BOSS Aircraft Refinishers, KRUQ, 704-310-1421. Excellent prep, quality paint, good communicator, replaced plastic wingtips,stabilator ends, rudder parts with fiberglass, repaired cracks around wing rivets. Singles & twins only no corporate jets. Booked up for several months but worth it!
  • Mr. Lucey did the AOPA 182 a few years back.
  • I took mine to American plane painting company in Selma,AL. That was 11 days ago. I’m doing glare shield, flap gap seals, fairing for the exhaust pipe, windshield and paint. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m based at ksar so it was about a 3 hour flight. About half way to Venice FL which is where I went back in January for avionics. Sarasota avionics.

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