1967 C182 K Model

Currently own and fly a 1969 C150J. A couple of weeks ago closed the deal on a 1967 C182K. Have yet to fly it. Looked at it undergoing the annual the weekend before the runway (KLRG) reconstruction began. Looking very much forward to the increased room, load, and speed. Anyone looking for a 1969 C150 fresh out of the annual, let me know.


  • Have a fellow pilot who may? Any idea on what price will be? Thanks

  • Not exactly sure yet. Waiting to see how the annual turns out. The biggest item is having flap tracks replaced. Other than that no major squawks. Ballpark, $18k-$22k. Hopefully will have a firm number by the end of the week. Seems like everyone is very busy. Thanks

  • Thanks. I will pass along

  • That 182 almost looks like an old Civil Air Patrol paint job. Many of them were pretty well maintained.
    Where's that 150 located?

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