Over head air duct noise

I just bought his T210N in January and didn’t really need to use the the ceiling air ducts much because it was cold and we needed heat. Now that is super hot I need all the air we can get in the cabin. Turning the ceiling air on full is really noisy especially since it is right buy my ears. Closing it part of the way reduces the noise but of course reduces the air flow. It’s like something in the duct vibrating making this irritating noise not just a air flow noise. Does everyone have this same problem? Anyone find a solution?


  • It may be the netting in the intake on leaving edges of the wing ...that's what happened with my T210
  • I went with the Wilco STC for nozzle type air vents. work great and greatly increased airflow and directional control. Very positive off position for cold days. Only draw back is taking the headliner down and a fair bit of minor trimming to mount them. While you are at it, replace all the old ducting too! The old black paper ducting is probably so full of dirt it will scare you!

  • Drdoogie1, can you give me a little more details on the netting at the intake. There is a fixed metal grill on the intake but is fixed and solid from any vibration
    Thanks, Jerry

  • Our T210 air intake on wings has fiber mesh netting material which I can push with my hands to reconfigure its position....I found that by pushing it into the duct it stopped the Irritating noise which occurred on descent ....the noise didn't occur on climb or cruise....
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  • My 206 had metal mesh in the intake but this 210 just has a fixed metal grill. I actually tried adding metal mesh but I still had the noise with a lot less air flow. I think replacing the ducts would be a good start and it might reveal something. Thanks everyone

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