JPI Fuel Flow Transmitter install for 0-470

Trying to install JPI 830 on my 182. Asking the forum if anyone has any Fuel flow transmitter install pics they can share? The fuel line is tight and JPI says they need 2 inches straight before and after transmitter but this w fittings is almost 5.5 inches long itself. Thanks for any pics to share. Terry


  • I had one installed by my a&p back in December. Maybe these pics will help. At least one of them I hope. If not, ask your a&p!

  • One more thing. He, the a&p, had to get a special crimping tool for the fuel sensor wire connection. He tried to do it with that and it came loose during a flight. I had some wild fuel flow numbers. When I returned, he knew he had to do it with that special tool.

  • First time was “without” that

  • thank you cessnakevin, those are great pics.

  • thank you, great pics, truly helped. If have a close up of the type fitting used on transmitter connection to carburetor, that would be great. Thanks again for the reply.

  • I’m glad they helped. My plane is in the paint shop. Probably for several more weeks. I can ask my a&p if he remembers. I need to take more pics when work is done. I put in those expensive air vents. The a&p let me help work on replacing the rubber baffling while he worked on the vents. Before I knew it, he had them in and I didn’t get any pics!

  • I saw my a&p today and asked him about the fitting. He was getting ready to install an 830 in a Mooney and had the box of stuff. I took a pic of the fittings that he thinks you were referring. Then he told me those fittings weren’t in my box of stuff for my plane. They’re supposed to be steel. He used aluminum on mine and now we have a plan to replace them with steel. He planned on doing that at next annual.

  • You may not want to wait for the next annual - the fuel fittings need to be steel and using aluminum fittings is against the installation instructions and would render the installation not airworthy ...

  • With all the rules JPI had, it took a few adjustments but this is what my A&P came up with…
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  • I ended up with something like what you did when I installed the JPI fuel transducer on my 182M. I drive the gps for it from my G496 portable and it is my favorite instrument. I was warned that fuel flow woukd be unstable on a carb vs injected engine, but once I got my k factor dialed in the JPI it is amazingly accurate.
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