Lycoming Factory Rebuilt Engine IO 540 Possible Scavage Pump Problem for a T182RG

Well now that i"m able to post here's the problem. We had to do a engine change last Nov. During our research we found the the old engine only had approx. 300 hour's left until TOT, and it was 37 year's old. When we completed the engine change and did break in flight's as Lycoming recommended. We had put approx. 35 hour's on the new engine and all of a sudden we found oil on the hanger floor and our mechanic found that oil was not being removed from the turbo reservoir as it should. We also found that if we kept the RPM at or above 1000 the scavage pump seemed to work as it should. Our mechanic contacted a Lycoming tech who recommended the oil cooler be removed and filled with oil and reinstalled, which was done. IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT THE INLET AND OUTLET on our oil cooler are on the bottom. The recommended procedure was completed and we have flown it for approx. 90 hour's, and on our last flight we noticed a puff of smoke coming from the exhaust like before and we saw a small drip of oil on the bottom of the turbo. Our mechanic feel's he has a fix, and we are waiting for a oil change in 10 hour's, and we will then fly a undetermined number of hour's to see if his fix work's as he think's it will. ALSO IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT WE NEVER HAD THIS TYPE OF PROBLEM WITH THE OLD ENGINE, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS VERY OLD.

Two thing's: 1. Have any other early T182RG owner's come across the same problem. If so did Lycoming help them solve the problem.

2. If our Mechanic's solution solve's the problem I will let everyone know.

3. If you have had this problem due you think Lycoming should assist in the cost of having it fixed.

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