I am just getting around to posting my show and tell purchase of a 182P, after owning a Piper Cherokee 140 for over 15 years. I committed several unforced errors in the purchase but I am still happy with what I got. Right now its in Green Bay getting another G5, Garmin 355, and Garmin G500 autopilot installed. It has a G5 and a 430W so it should be a great IFR platform. Avionics should be done in early Feb. I'll hopefully have some pictures of the panel soon and can post those under the Avionics or restoration forum. Working on finding a replacement glare shield which is a lot harder that I thought it would be. I am not familiar enough yet with it so I will post a picture of what I have under the repair/Maintenance forum and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Look forward to the virtual meetings and learning from everyone on tips and tricks on how to maintain and fly her.


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    Great picture. What airport was this taken at?

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    Need help? Let me know!

  • KIWD Ironwood, MI next to the ancient stone hanger

  • Nice airplane! I love the paint.

  • I purchased a 1976 182P on 2020. I completely refurbished the aircraft. I found the same issue with the glare shield. I had my interior guy recover the original glare shield. It turned out great.

  • Nice! I love the paint. I have a 1973 182P as well. It's currently getting a new interior and annual. I had the glare shield problem as well. My interior guy was able to locate a used one in great condition.

  • Just finalized remodeling my 1973 C182P. Located at KSRQ. Took some time but it’s worth it. Only left is a new GTN 750 XI and a GMA 35 that will be in soon.

  • Sorry for incorrect posting place. Did mean to be non polite. Apologies. Learning how to use website.

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