cessna wing leveler applications

I own a 1964 Model E Cessna 172, I am looking at a Cessna wing leveler which was taken out of a Cessna Model Q 172. Is that wing leveler approved for my Model E 172?


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    Hi and thanks for writing. You would have to check the type certificate on the FAA.GOV website. If you don't find it then you'll need to check the STC's and see if it's there. The real question is, why would you want it? Support and parts may be non-existant. With all of the new digital inexpensive autopilots out there I would opt for a newer one.

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  • Thank you, good information and advice

  • I agree with Scott. I have one, in my VFR 172A. Unless it's free, and you can put it in for nothing, I wouldn't take it. For what it would cost to have someone else put the Century 1, for a small cost in electronics, you could have a full functioning, and certified autopilot.
    With mine, it's set to my VOR, which I only use on check rides (I fly iPad). It does take away some fatigue on long(er) flights, and sort of keeps you in the same direction while I'm not paying attention to flying.
    Biggest fault is lack of altitude and attitude monitoring. It's not unusual for my wife/navigator to alert me to a dangerous descent, ascent, or steepening bank angle

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