Running my 182S LOP ... ?

I bought my first plane in October '21, a 2001 turbo 182. I have almost 80 hours in it so far, and am doing mostly long cross-country flights (2.5-4.5 hours). I've been leaning as per the POH, to peak TIT -50 or so (50 ROP), and outside of my CHTs everything has seemed fine. The CHTs however have been running in the 400-430 area, and in trying to sort that out I've run across the ROP vs. LOP discussion (I'm a SavvyMX client so reading up on Mr. Busch also). I'm about 400 hours shy of the 2,000 TBO number and would like to baby this girl where I can.

Would love to hear some thoughts on running 25 LOP in a plane like mine, using "the big pull" to get through the red box quickly, etc. ... appreciate the help!


  • meftingmefting Navigator

    I have been running my 182S about 25 to 30F LOP since I bought the airplane in 2004. It looks like you have an engine monitor, do you have GAMI injectors also? I use FF to measure LOP settings having done the GAMI test and GAMI's designed to produce equal HP in each cyl at the same FF. MY CHT's run about 350 to 380 depending on outside temp.

    If CHT's are running high, do you open your cowl flaps a bit to cool? What Alt do you normally fly? Have you experienced a sticking exhaust valve yet?

    I have 2250 hours on my engine and it's running like a charm.

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