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I got my private in 2012 and promptly took 10 years off from flying. I'm recently current and moving right into my instrument. I'm thinking I'd really like my own plane and if that's the case, I'd prefer to do my instrument training in the plane I'll be flying so I have an increased level of familiarity with it. Perhaps increasing my safety margin a bit.

Does anyone have literature or books they'd recommend to help guide me in the selection process? Right now I'm leaning toward a normally aspirated 182 with steam or partial glass. mid-60's- mid 80's roughly. Trying to keep it under $200k. My home airport is KAPA, so I want something with a bit of capability to handle the elevation here.





The aviation bug has bitten my head clean off and I'm tremendously excited to be in the skies again.


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    Oh, Denver, Co. Okay. I was just out there in Loveland, where my son lives. I'm based in Wisconsin. Everyone is different and has their own opinion, and so do I. Over thirty years I've only owned turbo-charged engines. Even here at sea-level the added performance adds immeasurable utility to my aircraft. I can get up to 19,000 at 75% power. I can go over weather and not worry about density altitude at high airports like Denver. Others don't agree, of course. ... the everymans' airplane is, of course, the 182 and it comes turbo or normal, straight legged or retract. Good luck!

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  • FYI, the August issue has a long and extensive review of the 182 including pre-purchase advice from current and former 182 owners. I don't have that to share with you now, we're just getting that designed now.

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