60s Cessna paint

sorry If this isn’t the best place to post, still new here lol.

does anyone have any familiarity with the paint used on early 172s? I want to at some point put my 1962 C model back into one of the original schemes.

I have an original sales brochure from 62’ and it has the original paint options listed so I know the colors but finding an actual spec for the paint seems to elude me. Would anyone have any idea on how to go about finding the correct colors? I was interested in doing either scheme 1 or 5


  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator

    Have you contacted Cessna, perchance? I don't know if they still have this info or not, but might be worth a try.

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  • I think the brochure photo is a beautiful combo and scheme. Could you just not copy that in any colour you want?

  • Cessna has no clue. look on e-bay

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