Hi New 172K Owner

Hi All,

Just purchased N46232 a 172k that has sat for little over 5 years, it only has 1500tt but needs to be flown. It's scheduled to go into annual in 2 weeks and hopefully be flying soon. It desperately needs a panel upgrade at some point it's all original 1968 equipment now but all seems to work.


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    Excellent buy! If you need any assistance, I'm here to help!

    Scott Sherer
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    Need help? Let me know!

  • planewrenchplanewrench IA 48yr A&P DAL A/C Inspector

    Best of luck, lets see how your annual goes! Carl

    IA 47yr A&P DAL A/C Inspector 172n

  • The annual went well / transponder check passed so it all legal the flight there and back went well it flew really nicely. The flight there was under a ferry permit. Only issue we came across was the nose strut asked strange. When they lifted it to remove the front wheel to inspect / repack bearings. It dumped all the hydraulic fluid out the center of the strut. Until then it was holding pressure. They put it back on the ground and serviced it fluid and nitrogen and it stopped leaking and held pressure. So I am thinking a nose strut seal kit is in my future.

  • get your plane into the magazine here: https://cessnaowner.org/submissions/

    and welcome aboard!

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