AmSafe Soars airbag seat belts

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Hi everyone,

Some time ago I did a product review on AmSafe Soars airbag seatbelts. Are any of you using them? Are they okay?

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  • I installed them a few months ago in my TR182. My mechanic and I were mystified by the instructions- truly about the worst I’ve ever seen. They made a relatively simple process needlessly confusing and time consuming, especially for a device that operates independently of any other aircraft system. We hard mounted the control box under the copilot’s seat and neatened the exposed cables as much as possible considering they must allow fore-aft seat travel on both front seats. One must exercise some caution to avoid pulling on them. The added bulk to the lap belt is barely noticed.

    Someone with prior installation experience could surely do the installation in a couple of hours, and do a neater job with the cables, though I can’t see how

    I’ve always feared a dash board impact and/or neck injury in a forced landing, and hopefully never have to vouch for the effectiveness of the SOARS system, but it does make sense and brings some valuable peace of mind.

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