I have a 1959 Cessna 175 Skylark that has one wing with more wing twist than the other causing plane to roll to one side. I live in the New Jersey. Does anyone know if there is a shop that can re-twist the wing to the original twist? Im trying to avoid buying another wing since mine has the Norton Stol kit installed.


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    Have you had an A&P look at it? Could a simple aileron tab solve the problem?

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  • Yes, an A&P looked at it and did suggest installing a tab. Will do it next annual in spring. Just recently heard about a wing being re twisted and was curious if that was something common or very expensive to do on an old plane like mine, 1959.

    Thank you for your suggestion.

  • My '64 has cam bolts in the wing root they are hard to get to but you can adjust the wing incidence with them.

  • Yes i adjusted my eccentric cams but it wasnt enought to compensate for for all the heavy lift.

  • How did it act before the stol kit

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    I don't know, it had the stol kit when i bought it. I'm trying to find out if it's very expensive to have a wing re twisted to the correct incidence. I've heard they are put in a jig to accomplish.

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