New 182 Owner saying "hi".

Hello everyone, I have purchased N8479M, 1976 182P, now in Fairbanks AK. I'll be retrieving her in early May - following the AK highway. Will be based at 2M8, Charles Baker Airport in Memphis TN. Flew her around Fairbanks during the pre-buy; checked out the open pit gold mine nearby and 6500 ft of Denali (another 13500 above that in cloud). She has a Garmin 750/650 and some other goodies.

Looking forward to an epic trip!



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    Oh! What an adventure! The 182 is a great plane and you’ll have a blast. Need a Canadian copilot to translate for you on your trip home? ;)

    i have driven the Alcan so I know the way south.

  • Hello Bruce,

    Thanks for your comments! I appreciate the offer of copiloting but have a ferry pilot from FAI to accompany to Great Falls.

    I would love to fly it up to NS and PEI some day!


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    we’d love to see you up here. Have a safe flight home. Good call on the ferry pilot. I did the same flying my new to me 182 home from British Columbia in 2020. I had an instructor with a ton of mountain time fly with me through the Rockies. I dropped him off in Calgary and continued my journey. It covered two things. Some basic type instruction, and some mountain flying tips, tricks and a safety net.

    post up some pics for us all to follow along

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    Many of us here are totally jealous of your upcoming trip. Have fun, be safe, take lots of pics and post them all here where you get home!

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